Contributor / Reviews / Op-Ed:

It’s often challenging to define starting points of a work within one’s practice. However, over
the last two decades I created several short written texts. These began to formulate a prose that extracted and pinpointed memories from my life. Unintentionally, these works created a small body of short fictions. A mix of deconstructed written recollections in a minimal paired down style, spanning nearly five decades of lived experiences. Self-redacted, fantasied, and distinct, yet paradoxically inconsequential personal memories. Short spacio-temporal and textural testimonies of a previous times, interrupted by the fallibility of the human encoding, storage, and retrieval process.

Traces of memory are thought to be disrupted, challenging the notion that there is a natural and almost physical decay, so ‘forgetting occurs as a consequence of interference’ (Farr, 2012). This act of remembering was a complex journey, and how they were selected and interoperated. Thus they began to collate into a fictional library, ‘a collection of sources, and the adjective “fictional” operates theoretically close to the idea of “fabricated,” , meaning
assembled parts or sections of knowledge and experiences’ (Barba, 2021).

Red Datsun*White Jag 
December 2023