Red Datsun*White Jag

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Red Datsun * White Jag is a sound installation comprising of dual spaces forty-four miles apart connected by a telematic sound and with a sculptural found object and written fictional elements contained within a bound book which accompanies the piece. The piece communicates the decay and loss of memory and aims to explore the overwhelming anxiety and personal fear of these effects.

The interleaved and multi-layered contexts of this study stretch back several decades and was collated by accessing a mix of lived experiences, family relationships and more recent spatial and physical connections which triggered and activated this piece.

From the outset, several conceptual entry-points became newly apparent and defined. The choice of differing elements is down to the viewer, be it the sonic, the physical or the written and visual parts, which gravitate to the core ideas of the piece. Each of these can be tracked back through its sonic spatial representation and temporality as they collide, connect, and divert; triggering personal translations and connections that they associate.

Recollective personal agencies inhabit Red Datsun * White Jag throughout, creating a work of great personal value, with an air of the therapeutic; one which aims to connect as these layers peel away or reveal themselves.

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