Flux & Possibilities – Martyn Riley (2023)

Flux & Possibilities is a deep listening multi-channel sound installation by sound artist, Martyn Riley. This durational sound piece was created with the collaboration of a multitude of female identifying and non-binary interviewees chosen from diverse backgrounds representational of the UK populous.

The piece explores personal identities and histories, highlighting individuals’ experiences and ideologies about feminism, inequality, and gendered spaces. ‘Flux & Possibilities’ is a multi-layered discourse and investigation into the post-modern social context of peoples spatial and personal environments.

This emphasis on space, place and gender aims to air individual testimonies and personal opinions connected to the often neglected and defined discourse that reflects on the dominant societal and politic values that aim to control within environments.

In response to these personal testimonies the artist has created underlying sounds connected directly to the interviewee’s stories lived experience and memory, ensuring their voices are continued to be heard.

Research Questions:

These questions below evolved slightly in context due to the development of my reach of people interviewed. And I asked advice and feedback along the way with trusted colleagues and also the participants. They act very much as triggers, and I qualify them to the participants by stating that they can answer or take the discussion in any direction that suits them.

1. IDEOLOGY: / In your formative years when did you first become aware of the ideology of ‘Feminism’?

2. IDENTITY: / In life (&/or arts/culture), who were the strong individuals you gained empowerment & motivation from?

3. EXPERIENCE: Can you describe an incident, situation, or environment where you felt that the way you identify was an issue for others &/or where you felt you had to justify how you present/identify? 

4. PROGRESS / How do you think the inequalities with regard to the gender divide has changed or progressed within your lifetime?

5. SPACE, PLACE, GENDER: / Can you give me an example of a space or place, building, work-place or geographical location where you have experienced an awareness of the male dominated design or of its ‘imposed usage’?

Flux & Possibilities could not have been created without the participation of the following people along with those who would like to remain anonymous.

Caroline Cooke
Delia Dietrius
Dora Maludi
Eilidh Tannett
Eleni Mettyear
Harper Walton
Janet Shapcott
Jessica Fewkes
Juice Shuting
Katrina Stamatopoulos
Kimberley Shapcott
Loreal Prystaj
Maxine Hayes
Ria Bagley
Sarith Ratnayake
Stella Chin-Ting Yang
Suzie Bowerman
Ushara Dilrukshan
Valeria Radchenko
Zula Rabikowska

Flux & Possibility (work in progress) - Spring 2023

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